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Empowering Change: Our Purpose, Vision, and Core Values

Our mission is to transform communities through collective action and environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant neighborhoods by engaging individuals of all ages and backgrounds in regular cleanup activities, educational initiatives, and the promotion of sustainable lifestyle practices.

Safisha Saturday envisions a Kenya and Africa where clean streets, parks, and public spaces are the norm, and where people are empowered to lead by example in waste reduction and environmental conservation. By fostering a culture of collective responsibility and advocating for sustainable living, we aspire to create a legacy of cleaner, greener, and more vibrant neighborhoods that future generations can enjoy and cherish.

Environmental Stewardship
Community Empowerment
Education and Awareness
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Community Engagement

Join our community of volunteers and actively participate in neighborhood cleanup activities.

Environmental Advocacy

Become an advocate for sustainable living and promote eco-friendly practices in your local area.

Volunteer Opportunities

Explore various volunteer roles and help create cleaner, greener, and more vibrant neighborhoods.

Make a Difference

Contribute to positive change by actively participating in initiatives that impact your community and the environment.

Go Green Today

Pollution contributes to the harmful environment that results in adverse effects on living beings. It is one of the major concerns for the entire world. Be a part of our mission to create a greener world. Join now and start contributing to a sustainable future.

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Venturing into Environmental Excellence: Our Impactful Initiatives

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Stay updated on our upcoming events and opportunities to create a positive impact in the community.

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Donate with Tufund (M-Pesa PayBill)

For Ksh. 200, you can buy us a box of face masks.

For Ksh. 500, you can buy us two rakes.

For Ksh. 1000, you can buy us a pair of reusable gloves and gumboots and other cleaning materials.

Donate Fund

Your contribution helps us make a positive impact on our community. Thank you for your support!

Voices of Impact

Inspiring Stories from Our Participants

Champions of Change

Dedicated Contributors Shaping a Better Tomorrow

Fardosa Mustafa

Environmental Lawyer and Founder

Anil Zecky

Strategic Planner

Nina Kyalo

Partnership Co-ordinator

Monica Wairimu

Research and Policy Making

Ebenezer Joshua

Social Media Manager

Monica Ayuke


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